Accounting and Taxes

Our service package contains all legal and commercial aspects of a tidy and tax saving aligned accounting. Our coworkers are licenced accountants and work closely connected with by the state recognized chartered accoutants and auditors. We prepare the monthly tax report prescribed in Thailand, the half-yearly balance sheet and the annual accounts for you. We are supporting you on tax inspections by the revenue office and other national institutions.Types of Taxes and Reports:


We offer a complete tax service fitted to your company and requirements. Our service contains reviews, delivery of tax declarations and negotiations with the national revenue offices if necessary. The different tax types and services including:

  1. Balancesheet with Profit and Loss Statement
  2. Monthly income tax (Form PorNgorDor 1)
  3. Monthly withholding tax declaration (PorNgorDor 3, Por NgorDor 53)
  4. Monthly value added tax report (VAT) including value added tax deduction (PorPor 30)
  5. Half-yearly corporate tax declaration (PorNgorDor 51)
  6. Annual private income tax return (PorNgorDor 1 Kor)
  7. Annual corporate tax declaration (PorNgorDor 50)
  8. Other company taxes
  9. Tax consultation
  10. Reviews and negotiations with the revenue offices

Make an non-committal consultancy appointment, so that we can cater individually with your desires and requirements.