Visa Services

Our staff members are advising you in all visa matters in german, english, french and thai. Whether you want to invite your girlfriend to Germany, Austria, Switzerland or all over europe for holidays or to marry, we are the right contact for your questions. We ensure that all needed marriage documents are complete and correct and assist your partner with the procuration of the needed documents.

We offer a carefree all around service to you, so that you are able to enjoy the beautiful sides of life and care as less as possible for the bureaucratic formalities by yourself. Our german and thai staff members are speaking german, english, french and thai.

In the following we give you a summary of our services provided:

  • Tourist visa world-wide
  • Marriage visa
  • Authenticated translation and legalisation of the marriage documents
  • Application for a marriage ability certification for the marriage in Thailand
  • Assistance for applying a passport
  • Marriage in Thailand
  • Travel health insurance
  • Flight reservations
  • German language courses for the application of a continuous residence permit in Germany.