Hanse Merkur Travel Insurance Limited


Travel around the world relaxed and without worries with Hanse Merkur Limited Travel Insurance.

Coverage limited to 50.000 Euro

Who qualifies for the insurance?

All foreign nationals with a limited period of stay in the Federal
Republic of Germany or in any other EU country and who require a visa
to enter the country.

What are the Benefits?

In case of illness or accident in the Federal Republic of Germany or any other EU state, we will refund all proven expenses for

* Outpatient treatment by a doctor

* Medicines and bandages as prescribed by the doctor

* Inpatient treatment at hospital (standard class – a room with more than one bed, no optional benefits, no private treatment)

* Transport to and from the nearest hospital

* Palliative dental treatment including standard fillings and repairs of existing dental replacements 100% of the invoiced amount. A maximum of EUR 300.– for stays with a duration of up to 180 days A maximum of EUR 600.– for stays with a duration of up to 365 days

* Transport home where this makes medical sense and is advised by a doctor

* In case of death, returning the corpse of an insured person or funeral costs of up to EUR 10,000.–

Maximum benefit per insurance agreement is EUR 50,000.–

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