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Your german speaking visa and immigration consultancy service in Pattaya, Naklua.

How can we assist you?

Our trained visa consultants have either lived in Germany or have been staying in Germany or another European country and the U.S. for a longer period, and thus have collected their own experience with the visa application process for Germany and other Schengen States.

Our own experience with the process of applying for visas paired with a professional and fast processing of visas by our competent team of consultants, saving you unnecessary expenses and time wasting. Through a detailed and coordinated preparation of visa application and processing of all relevant documents to increase the chances of success tremendously for a visa for the Federal Republic of Germany, Austria or Switzerland. Our visa consultancy team is advising you on all visa questions in German, English and Thai.

Whether you want to invite your friend with a visa for tourists to Germany, Austria or Switzerland, you want to marry with a visa for family reunification or marriage visa in Germany, you need a visa for your retirement in Thailand or a non-immigrant B visa for business purposes, with the Visa team of the German-Thai Group, you got the right contact for all questions about visas at your side.

Save yourself time, unnecessary travel and unnecessary stress, which occur when applying for a visa and often is even inevitable, by letting our experienced visa team deal with the bureaucratic formalities.
We offer a worry-free one-stop visa service! Starting from the complete processing of all documents you need for your visa application, which includes the certified translation and legalization of the required papers and documentation, over how to submit your visa application at the relevant embassies and assistance in applying for a Thai passport, to the preparation and support for successful exam of the Goethe-Certificate A1: Start Deutsch 1, which is required to apply for a permanent residence permit in Germany.

Below you find a summary of our services:

* Short-term visas for tourists

* Long-term Visa – Marriage Visa

* Long-term visas – Retiring in Thailand

* Applying for business visas (non-immigrant B visa) for Thailand

* Certified translation and legalization of all documents required

* Applying for a certificate of no impediment to marriage in Thailand and Germany

* Escorting to apply for a passport

* Interview Preparation

* Marriage in Thailand

* German language courses to apply for a permanent residence permit in Germany

* Travel insurance

* Flight Reservations

Take advantage of our more than 25 years of experience and protect yourself against losses and unpleasant experiences. Arrange a no obligation consultation and convince yourself of our integrity.